The ESPAS Young Talent Network gathers a diverse community of young professionals from all of the EU institutions and bodies engaged in the ESPAS process. Members of this peer network of driven, inquisitive and creative thinkers engage in strategic foresight together, injecting it into their everyday work and building a tightly knit network of young professionals across the institutions. By pooling their expertise and innovative thinking, they seek to offer a different perspective and approach on global trends and their challenges.

What the YTN does

Foresight literacy: to develop and promote foresight literacy among members of the YTN, across ESPAS and in the organisations where the members work. Learning about foresight techniques through dedicated training is a key element in the YTN programme of activities.

Collective intelligence: to engage in collective exercises to increase the situational awareness of the EU and identify weak signals of change to develop a better understanding of global, regional and sectoral trends and their relevance for the EU; to pool the expertise of the members to think creatively about the future of the EU. This work is complemented by projects focussed on specific themes designed to provide analytical depth to the ‘weak signals’ particularly worthy of attention.

Networking: to build a diverse and collaborative inter-institutional EU community of young officials with knowledge and interest in strategic foresight to strengthen strategic cooperation between the participating EU institutions and bodies.


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